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Avocado Cutting Board by Joie


Joie msc Vegetable and Avocado Cutting Board New in Packaging.


The colorful Joie Avocado Cutting Board makes food prep an easy and exciting job and has ample room for all your cutting needs.


Made from durable, food safe plastic, the Joie Avocado Cutting Board comes in generous size and features a green avocado design to brighten up your kitchen.


Ideal for all your food prep jobs, use this handy board for slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing and carving.


The Joie Avocado Cutting Board is reversible so you can use alternative sides of the board for meat, fish or vegetables to avoid cross contamination.


Dishwasher friendly for effortless cleaning, the board will make a great addition to your kitchen prep collection.




Bright avocado design

- Room for all your cutting needs

- Reversible board to avoid cross contamination

- Made from durable food safe plastic

- Ideal for slicing, dicing, cutting, carving and mincing

- Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


Avocado Cutting Board by Joie