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Fun Bites Food Cutter:


Super FUN for kids and parents!

*Help make snack time more fun!


The FunBites set includes both Squares, which makes 12 bite sized squares, and Heart which makes a heart from 10 geometric shapes. FunBites is patented because it's the first and only kitchen tool to cut kids' food into fun shaped bite sized pieces. FunBites is made in the USA of high performance food grade material chosen for its strength, sharpness and durability. Picky eaters meet their match. Try on all kids food like waffles and pancakes, to deli, melon, cheese, brownies and more. Great for Bento lunches too. FunBites was invented by a mother and her daughters to make healthier food choices fun and mealtime less stressful for everyone. Join the fun. FunBites bite sized mealtime magic.


Fun Bites Food Cutter: