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KOGI Soap Bar:


Shaggy Head Beer Soap: We started with a base of Warthog beer from the Big Rock Brewery in Alberta.  We've added LOTS of honey to hydrate and soothe skin, hair and scalp. This bar has such a rich, creamy lather that it will soon become your favourite.

Sea Dog Beer Soap: Beer lovers rejoice! We have another fine beer for another fine soap. Our Sea Dog soap is a salute to the sea and our fine Canadian Navy. Made with Sea Dog Beer from the Victoria Brewing Company on beautiful, natural Vancouver Island.

Vanilla Raspberry: The sweet wonderful scent of fresh raspberries in a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  Who can resist?

Vanilla: A scent that is just too delicious for words.  The warmth of Vanilla in this sudsy, all natural, detergent free formula will soften, hydrate and pamper delicate skin naturally.

Moor Mud: Moor mud is one of the worlds most prized ancient clays.  It helps balance the body and is totally natural and organic.  Moor Mud appears to stimulate circulation and assist the body in eliminating toxins. Our Moor Mud soap is enriched with shea and cocoa butters to moisturize and cleanse even the most sensitive skin.

Mango & Green Tea: This soap is bliss.  It is our number one selling soap and for good reason.  The luxuriously creamy bubbles cleanse, soothe and scent your bath with juicy mango and detoxifying green tea.  Take a moment and let this soap take you away.  It's great for all skin types.  Pair it up with our skin softening Mango & Green Tea Moisture Lotion.

Black Rock: A pure and natural superior bar of soap enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter to gently cleanse and nourish even the most sensitive skin.  Sensuous with the scent of Jamaican Rum and warm island spices. 

Tea Tree: We've put the powerful properties of Tea Tree to use in this soap.  Tea Tree is reported to be the strongest antiseptic known to man and it is said that it inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus and viruses.  It is a great soap to cleanse cuts and scrapes as well as for blemished and acne prone skin.  Super concentrated with Tea Tree.

Lavender: Our wonderful hemp soap is soothing and nourishing to all skin types. Incredibly gentle on all skin including blemished and acne prone skin, cleanses without stripping the skin of it's natural moisture. Created with silky soft bubbles, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin 

Unwind: When nervous frustration and stress seem to block our natural energy flow, the body and mind need an energy boost to overcome these symptoms.  Our exclusive "Unwind" formula allows our mind, body and spirit to gently unwind, relax and feel totally refreshed at any time of day.

Pink Sugar: It is the best smelling creamy bar of soap that smells a little bit like, well like Pink Sugar.  Perfect for the girly girl who wants to look and smell great.  Loaded with Shea and cocoa butters to help smooth and moisturize all skin types.

Sweet Birch: Sweet birch essential oil helps to soothe sore muscles while the refreshing scent of mint essential oil awakens the senses with its lively wintergreen aroma. This soap will help you to refresh your body, mind and soul. Be uplifted today.

I Am Canadian Beer SoapFounded by John Molson in Montreal in 1768, Molson's Brewery originated in a wooden building on the shores of the St. Lawrence river. The Montreal facility is the oldest brewery in North America.  It probably never would have crossed old John's mind to bathe in it, but now, over 225 years later we've taken his wonderful ale and used it as a base for a richly foaming soap to be used on your body, face and hair.  So get ready to shower, shave and shampoo all in one bar.

Long Beach Beer Soap: This soap is a mild, protein rich bar that is good for body, face, hair and you can shave with it too. Makes your skin feel moisturized and adds shine, bounce and body to your hair. Made with Tuff Sessions Ale from the Tofino Brewing Company on the white sand beaches of Vancouver Island.

Hemp Lemongrass: Hemp oil is a gift from nature, containing essential fatty acids, vitamins and enzymes that are easily absorbed into the skin. Beautifully scented with Lemongrass & Eucalyptus. A great bar for the morning shower.

KOGI Soap Bar: