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Deep Cleansing Foot Patches


Each Package contains 10 Foot Pads! 

These foot pads are made with natural ingredients. The materials are ginger powder, bamboo vinegar powder and mugwort powder. The foot patch is gentle and non-irritating.  

These foot patches deeply cleanse the feet, in the process of using, it can promote the metabolism of our body, metabolize the dirt and impurities on the soles of the feet and improve the moisture of the body too! 

Not necessary…however if you do have the time…soak your feet in warm water for half an hour before use; then…dry your feet after soaking your feet; finally…paste one foot pad on each foot, the plaster is soft. One side must be in contact with our skin, then wait 6-8 hours, then remove and discard foot pad. 

Deep Cleansing Foot Patches