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Happy Hippo Bath Co.

Eucalyptus Cold Buster Bath Bomb


No need to hang foliage for a pretty spa-like atmosphere.

The fresh scent of eucalyptus leaves cuts through the air, instantly calming your nerves. The sharp, clean fragrance is like a breath of fresh air, clearing your head and promoting focus.

Our Original bombs are packed with natural ingredients including Epsom salts!  These fizzing balls of goodness are so soothing and leave the skin feeling fresh and soft. 

Add a single bomb to your bath for an explosion of softness, color and fragrance.  Our bath bombs soften and soothe dry skin.

For external use only.

Love Eucalyptus ?  Find it as an Epsom Soak, Bubbling Epsom Soak, , Shower Spritzer, Oatmeal Soak, Natural Bath Bomb, Hand & body Lotion and Mini Bath Bombs.

155 g/5.5 oz



We've been handcrafting bath bombs for well over a decade and take pride in our original recipe bombs.  Yes, they sink, but that's because they're so packed full of Epsom and goodness! 

Why not show off how beautiful your bath is as your bath bomb fizzes away by taking a picture and sharing it on social media with #lovehappy

So, how do you use a bath bomb?

1. Fill your tub up with warm water as you would with a normal bath - as hot and as full as you'd like!
2. Get in the tub and add the bath bomb! (or don't get it in first - that's up to you!)
3. Enjoy the skin soothing bath bomb and therapeutic aromas!

Our original bombs are designed to be a no clean-up bomb that disperses their skin softening, Epsom-backed benefits rapidly and evenly throughout the bath.  As a result, our original bombs do not float.  If you prefer floating bath bombs, we suggest you check our Bombs that aren't labeled "Original". 

Eucalyptus Cold Buster Bath Bomb