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Real Touch Faux Eucalyptus Sprigs

  • Gorgeous sprigs of artificial eucalyptus branches and leaves, each eucalyptus branch has about 25 leaves and the height of the branch is 15 inches.The surface is covered with white frosting to add realism, if you don't like the effect you can wash it with water.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Our simulated eucalyptus stems and leaves are made of high quality plastic, the simulated eucalyptus stems come with flexible wire inside, you can bend the branches into different shapes, easy to match with other bouquets.
  • LIFE-LIKE: Our artificial eucalyptus leaf stems restore the natural form of real plants, these plastic long eucalyptus branches don't need water, sunlight or fertilizers and always stay fresh, giving us a lasting visual experience.

Real Touch Faux Eucalyptus Sprigs