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JOGI Imports

Foam Pot Scrubber (Assorted Colours)


By: Universal Stone / Jogi's Import

The World’s Best Foam Pot Scrubber is uniquely formulated and constructed to deliver the perfect combination of tough, durable cleaning power while being gentle enough to use on non-stick surfaces like Teflon. It is ideal for those ‘impossible’ cleaning tasks, like your stove top, where you need high-powered cleaning without scratching.

When you start thinking about all the surfaces you can get cleaner than ever with the Foam Pot Scrubber, you’ll see it’s a must-have to make all your home and business cleaning jobs easier and faster. From the oven door to the shower door, the Foam Pot Scrubber cleans baked-on and dried on dirt, grease, grime, soap scum and lime deposits. You can use it to get your barbecue and oven grills as clean as new.

Perhaps best of all, keeping the Foam Pot Scrubber clean is as easy as popping it into the dishwasher.

Foam Pot Scrubber (Assorted Colours)