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Fun Dip Candy (3 Flavours)

Triple your candy pleasure with the marvellous taste of Fun Dip.
Be a kid again, times three, with this fantastically flavourful Wonka-esqe retro candy.
This Fun Dip Candy comes with three powdered candy flavours and of course the yummy candy stick. Just lick the stick and dip into the incredible flavours of Orange, Cherry and Grape! If you eat the stick first, don't worry that's what your fingers are for!
Fun Dip has been giving us the most delicious sugar rushes since the 1950s. We've been licking and dipping ever since!
Growing up is optional but candy is forever! Make it a sweet life with the Fun Dip Candy Orange, Cherry & Grape!


40.5 g

Fun Dip Candy (3 Flavours)