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Gourmet du Village

BBQ Sauce


By: Gourmet du Village

Made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients offer tons of taste for grilled meats and burgers. 

Everyone’s favorite is back with a slight twist, we are now using a sightly darker “Craft Beer”, the best just got better!  

The name says it all, a Southern taste, perfect for BBQ ribs and pork…”Hickory Smoke”! 

Great Canadian sweet taste of maple with a kick of Chipotle peppers. Not too hot, to everyone’s taste, that’s our…”Smoky Maple Chipotle”. 

The taste of Southern Grilling, fruity Peaches with rich Bourbon Whiskey. Perfect with Pork, wonderful with Wings, splendid with Sausages, a great choice for Chicken. Peach Bourbon ~ NEW! 

The wonderful fruity and tangy flavor of this new variety of BBQ sauce is sure to become a best seller…”Smoked Applewood”. 

Each bottle size: 350 ml (11.8 fl oz)

Brush on ribs, steak, burgers, chicken with barbecuing. Serve as a condiment on the side.

5 Bottles of our Best Varieties: Smoked Hickory, Maple Chipotle, Craft Beer and NEW: Peach Bourbon & Smoked Applewood. 

Hand crafted in small batches, our 5 barbecue sauces are full of wonderful flavour, natural ingredients, perfect served straight from the bottle. Use them for marinating, basting as you cook, or as a dipping sauce.

BBQ Sauce