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Jude's Miracle Cloth

Jude's Miracle Cloths 2Pack: White/Blue


The Original, Canadian, 2-Pack of Jude's Miracle Cloth!

Before Jude’s, an efficient cleaning could hardly be achieved without the help of dozens of dangerous chemical products, which harm our environment. These same products are responsible for the water and air pollution that endangers our eco-system and threatens not only our health, but also the health of all living things within our environment.

With this cloth, just use water! Glass and other surfaces will dry spotless and streak-free ... It's that easy! One Jude's Miracle Cloth cloth replaces dozens of paper towel rolls and saves the Environment.

Jude's Miracle Cloth is Extremely Strong and Absorbent!

1. Wet it. Simply saturate your Jude's Miracle Cloth with just hot water - No Chemicals needed, then ...
2. Wring it out well. After you release most of the water ...
3. Wipe it :

 Windows • Mirrors • Eyeglasses & Sunglasses • Glass Tables • Countertops • Stainless   Steel • Granite & Stone • Shower Tiles • TV Screens • Computer Screens • Cell Phones •   Tablets • Whiteboards • Car Exteriors • Car Upholstery • Dashboards • Windshields •   Boats • Pet Messes • Floors ... and So Much More!

4. Walk-Away. No need to dry! Watch as the water droplets disappear. Surfaces will dry spotless and streak-free!

5. Wash your Jude's Miracle Cloth in the kitchen sink with dish soap, or machine wash with detergent and lint free items. Don't use fabric softener, but if you accidentally do, just re-wash it.

6. Hang to Dry. Machine Dryers can shorten the life of the cloth and cause pilling.

It's that Simple and Easy - Thousands of Satisfied Customers swear by Jude's!


Jude's Miracle Cloths 2Pack: White/Blue