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Mystery Bag: FINAL SALE


How FUN are these? AND what a SAVINGS TOO! These "Mystery Bags" are a collection of fun items from around the store. They could be everyday items or seasonal items too! ***Each bag has a value between $50.00 - $60.00 of RETAIL Product! (& some bags often contain some products which retail abit higher too!) 

***And each bag is ONLY: $24.98 + Tax.

And yes…these can be shipped out too! Each Mystery Bag comes filled with many everyday items & are all unique. However in some Mystery Bags there could be similar items in them. But…they are so worth the value of what you get! Sound interesting??? They are indeed! Try one or snag a few while you can!  These are ALWAYS a HUGE hit & are always asked for! Some even love to get a few of these for gift-giving! 


***Please note that these bags are FINAL SALE & any of the items in the Mystery Bag cannot be returned or exchanged. 

Mystery Bag: FINAL SALE