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David & Youngson

Village LG Jar Candle


Large Apothecary Candle by Village Candle 21.25oz. 

Tropical Getaway: Crushed pineapple and sweet coconut. 

Guava Citrus: Ripe and juicy guava shines in this sweet yet tart scent! Accented by notes of lime juice, grapefruit and strawberry, this guava candle will transport you to a tropical oasis complete with turquoise waters and white shimmering sand.

Pure Linen: The airy, fresh fragrance of our Pure Linen Candle conjures up the image of freshly washed sheets line-drying on a breezy summer day. The smell of this clean linen candle is fresh and crisp with soft floral notes reminiscent of laundry that has been sun kissed and fragranced by the delicate flowers dancing in the air. Enjoy multiple layers of mild and soothing scents in this fresh linen candle.

Sea Salt Cucumber: Be refreshed with this invigorating blend of cucumber, agave leaf and sea salt. A fragrance experience that's beautiful in any room in your home.

Dragon Fruit Lemonade: Bright, zesty and exotic, this dragon fruit and lemon candle is accented by fresh notes of wild berry and kiwi. Reminiscent of summer days gone by, it will fill any space with the sweet scent of an island getaway. 

French Macaron: There are no limits to the delights of a Parisian pastry shop. The pop art confections in every hue, the irresistible possibilities for texture and taste, and the pleasures of surprising flavors. We set out to recreate this perfect mingling of elegance and whimsy with a nod to traditional French ingredients. We’ve whipped up an addictive fragrance sprinkled with notes of vanilla, cream and coconut, then added a hint of musk to serve up a deeper richness and more decadent experience for the senses

Strawberry Pound Cake: Freshly picked, sugar-dusted strawberries cascade down golden vanilla cake that’s topped with a generous dollop of homemade whipped cream. This delectable summer dessert awakens happy memories of sunny days spent enjoying backyard picnics and lakeside celebrations.

Lemon Blossom: Often described as “the happiest scent in the world,” lemon blossom shines in this bright and sweet lemon candle. Accented by notes of yuzu and vanilla musk, it will fill any space with the sunshine-y vibes of good times to come.

Coconut Berry: Find yourself basking in the sunlight on the deck of a quaint café while enjoying a fresh smoothie bowl. Inspired by these fruity flavors, this coconut candle is accented by luscious notes of wild berries and whipped cream.

Rain: Rain offers more than a scent, it creates a mood and invites the mind to reflect and embrace a quieter moment. We've recreated the pleasures - and the poetry - of falling rain with fresh aquatic notes, fragrance bergamot and lily, while the warmth of amber captures an irresistibly romantic fragrance.

Creamy Vanilla: Our Creamy Vanilla Candle has the unmatched aroma of an ice cream parlor. Enjoy the signature sweetness of our vanilla scented candle as a true treat for the senses.

Eucalyptus Mint: Cool and calming, our eucalyptus scented candle opens the door to deep relaxation. Ready to invigorate your day, our eucalyptus candle also benefits from refreshing notes of spearmint and cool moss. Light this eucalyptus mint candle whenever you want to hit refresh.

  • Crafted with food-grade paraffin wax for a clean, even burn
  • Features lead-free, hand-trimmed cotton wicks
  • Proudly manufactured and poured in Maine
  • * High-quality fragrance and food-grade paraffin wax for a clean, even burn.

    • Lead-free hand-trimmed cotton wicks
    • Burn Time: Approx. 170 hrs.
    • Volume: 21.25 oz. Jar Size

    Village LG Jar Candle