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Word Teasers Large Deck Refills


Assorted Styles of Refills 

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JOKE CARDS FOR PUN LOVERS. Bring the pun to the next joke off or family gathering with Word Teaser’s Fun Pun joke cards! The word play and jokes will have everyone in the family laughing.

  • FAMILY FRIENDLY JOKES. All of the Fun Puns and jokes included can be enjoyed by everyone in the family!
  • STAY PUNNY. Families and kids will love reading the pun cards that keep on giving! Inflict these hilarious new puns at your next family gathering and enjoy all the laughs and eye rolls you get!
  • GREAT FOR QUALITY FAMILY TIME. Pun loving friends and families will love the Word Teasers Puns! Take turns guessing the answer to the puns or read the cards and have a laugh!
  • PERFECT GIFT. Word Teasers Dad Jokes are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for dads, grandpas, or new dads that need to stock up on dad jokes!

Word Teasers Large Deck Refills